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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mummies' Dear Old Friends

This is Auntie Danni (Dione), Mummy's dear friend from secondary school who hails from Taiwan (but migrated to Canada, and now, residing in Taiwan). Back in Singapore for a week to settle some family affairs, Mummy met with her and Auntie Lip at the latter's place to do some much awaited catching up. Auntie Dione, Auntie Lip and Mummy
It was at Aunt Lip's place that Mummy tried the swiss rolls from the renowned Rich and Good Cake Shop (24, Kandahar Street, Tel: 6294 3324). The kaya swiss roll was yummy! The strawberry swiss roll was yummy! But the mango swiss roll must surely take the cake (pun not intended)! It was super yummilicious!!!

Mango swiss roll from Rich and Good Cake Shop

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ho Ho Ho!

Mei Mei & I woke up this morning with great anticipation for it's Christmas day and time to unwrap our pressies! Lest we forget our manners, here's wishing all a Merry Christmas!

Starting off with the fgifts from Daddy & Mummy - Mei Mei received a storybook-cum-pillow and I, a battery-operated, motion-sensor car, which frightens Mei Mei & I to no end. Upon shaking it, there are sounds of the engine revving up and the car actually speaks *gasp*, before accelerating off, sending us scattering in both directions! Scary, boy!

And these lovely non-drip, non-flip water-bottles are from Auntie Von Von, one of our fave persons. A big, fat, slobbery kiss from us to you, AUntie Von Von *MUAKS*!

We've also received pressies from our dear Auntie Danni who's just returned from Taiwan for a visit. Auntie Danni is a very nice lady who simply adores kids. It was so kind of her to get all 3 of us clothes from Chateau de Sable, a French clothing line. Thanks, Auntie Danni!
Once again, Merry Christmas to all!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Silent Night, Holy Night @ Vivo City

One year ago, at this time, we were also here at Vivo City, soaking in the sights and sounds of the festive spirit. Back then, we were still snug in our strollers, and not as mobile as we are now, and definitely not as the little 'terrors' that we are now, running here, there and everywhere.

Por Po, Gong Gong and us

Mummy's Say - Twilight ROXX! Edward Cullen's HOT!

For the uninitiated, this must be the hottest teen movie to hit town in a while. Although Yours Truly is no spring chicken *hurhur*, lured by the hype surrounding this vampire-romance movie (or rather, the quadrilogy of books from Stephanie Meyer - Twilight, followed by New Moon, Eclipse and rounding off with Breaking Dawn), I made a date with Dear Hubby (who's clearing his leave) to catch this today.

Frankly speaking, I wasn't expecting great acting from the relatively young cast, considering its target 'tween-age' audience, and the rabid hysteria arising from the cult status generated by the series. But I must say that the two leads (Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson) enjoy pretty good chemistry, so much so that I was (and still is) swept away by the forbidden vampire-mortal romance. Edward Cullen...OMG! I just so dig that character (not Robert Pattinson, but the character depicted in the books). Such chivalry, such yearning, such devotion....Sigh! And oh, I simply love that vampire baseball scene, against the beautiful backdrop with MTV-style music playing in the background. It's literally Cool, with a capital 'C'!

I could go on and on about this movie, but 'nuff said. Just go catch it to relive those heady days of first love! :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Mummy's Say - Little Girls are Made of Sugar & Spice & All Things Nice

How time flies! The twins are fast approaching 2 years of age, or what is more popularly known as the 'terrible twos'. They have been picking up verbal skills and enhancing their motor skills rapidly. While Den Den has always been the one with stronger motor skills (he's able to slot in batteries and operate toys, fixing little kinks in the toys he plays with, etc.), Mei Mei is undoubtedly the one who's linguistically, more advanced. Sometimes, the words that she picks up, and the logical thought-process behind which she strings a sentence, surprise me. Below are excerpts of what she's said in recent incidents, and which still amaze me:

(This took place while I was bathing Shannen, after picking the twins up from school. )
Yours Truly: Shaen, Mummy is sad. Gor Gor didn't hold Mummy's hand just now while crossing the road
(Jayden didn't want to hold my hands, preferring to hold my dad's, on our way back from school). *cue sad expression, act of crying with moving fists near eyes*
Shannen: Mei Mei hold Mummy's hand *took my hand in hers* Gor Gor no good, no good. Mei Mei good *gave the thumbs up sign* Mummy don't cry.
(That was when half my heart sublimed, while the other, simply melted.)

This happened during dinner, while I was feeding Shannen. As usual, she was proving to be a challenge to feed, with the tendency to spit out every mounthful of food. My patience wearing thin, with the cane in hand, I reached out for her hand, intending to give her a little smack to serve as deterrent. That was when she said, 'Mummy, don't beat, don't beat, Mei Mei good *gave the thumbs up sign with both hands* Mei Mei eat.' Feeling sorry for being harsh, I put away the cane, and Shannen never spat out her food again, at least not during the rest of her dinner that night.

(Another one went something like this:)
Yours Truly: Shannen, are you a good girl?
Shannen: Yes, Mei Mei good.
Yours Truly: What about Gor Gor?
Shannen: No good, no good.
Yours Truly: What about Daddy & Mummy?
Shannen: Daddy good. Mummy good.
Yours Truly: Didi?
Shannen: Cannot walk yet.
Yours Truly: !!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Thanks for Popping by

Although Mummy has left her ex-company, SingTel, more than a year ago, she still maintains in touch with many of her ex-colleagues. Some of those who recently dropped by to visit Mummy and me included Auntie Rena & Auntie Geraldine, as well as Auntie Angelina. Mummy enjoyed meeting up with her old friends and hope to have the opportunity to catch up with them again some time soon (else, perhaps at my 1st-year birthday party!)
Auntie Rena & Auntie Geraldine

Auntie Angelina and Mummy

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Banana & Strawberry Smoothie

6 ripe strawberries (we used the Korean ones)
2 bananas (Del Monte or those 'red flesh' bananas or 'ang ba jio')
1/2 cup of low fat milk
5 tablespoonfuls of low-fat vanilla yoghurt

Mix the above ingredients in the food blender. Add ice cubes (estimation). Blend at high power till texture is rich and a froth is seen.

A simple recipe, yet a healthy and yummilicious beverage! Enjoy!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ben & Jerry's Chunk Fest

Being a huge Ben & Jerry ice-cream fan, ever since Mummy read about B&J's upcoming Chunk Fest in the papers a few weeks back, she had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this big day with bated breath. Apparently, at this B&J event, there would be 12 new flavours introduced from the States. In fact, she had even toyed with the idea of forming a team of four to take part in the B&J ice-cream eating contest with Auntie Lena, Auntie Von and Daddy. Yup, you've said it, she's a real fanatic when it comes to B&J ice-cream. But considering that she still has much to shed after giving birth to Didi, she had to perish the thought, albeit with much reluctance.

So, with the big day finally here, we made our way down to Fort Canning Park, hoping to have some yummilicious ice-cream treats. But boy oh boy, what a huge jam at the car park, with nary a lot in sight! In the end, Daddy parked our car some distance away, and our entire lorong had to trudge up several flights of steps, through wet and slippery dirt tracks before finally reaching the 'hallowed grounds'.

But alas, what greeted us were lots of big Gors Gors and Jies Jies (teenagers) in funny dos, a smoke-filled atmosphere (almost all present were lighting up) and deafening rock music from the concert which frightened Didi a little, hardly the family carnival atmosphere which Mummy had envisioned for weeks. As for the ice-cream, let's not even go there. Probably cos' it was FOC, the queue for it stretched for almost an eternity, with easily a few hundred people ahead of us. Faced with such daunting prospects, Daddy & Mummy decided to head back to the car. How disappointing!

And since we didn't get to have our ice-cream fix, yet to end off the night on a high note, Daddy & Mummy took us to MacDonald's at Kallang for some milkshakes and McFlurys. Reliable comfort food which tasted just as good, we like!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Mummy's Say - Look at what you have done, again, Jayden Boy!

A strange call came through this evening and it went something like this:
Moi: Hello
Caller: Hello, is this 63xx xxx0?
Moi: Yes, it is, and you are....?
Caller: I'm calling from the Police.
Moi: ...*stunned silence*. Yes?
Caller: Someone from your place has been dialling 999 non-stop for the past 5 minutes. You have young children at
home? It's been jamming up our line here.
Moi: *JAYDEN BOY!!!! (He was playing with the handset a while ago)* Oh! Oops, I'm very, very sorry. It must have
been my boy. I will make sure that he doesn't do it again. So sorry....
Caller: Sure, thanks. By the way, how old is your son?
Moi: Errmm...23 months....
Caller: Oh, that's rather young!
Moi: Yah, sorry again, I will see to it that he doesn't dial 999 for fun again.
Caller: Alright, thanks! By the way, who am I speaking to?
Moi: Visible gasp *Am i about to chalk up a criminal record on behalf of my notti boy?* Errmm...Michelle.
Caller: Ok, thanks, Michelle. Bye. Click.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Sale Worth Waiting For - Crocs!

Today's the 1st day of the Crocs sale at the Singapore Expo and Daddy & Mummy wasted no time in rushing down to grab some bargains.

Upon reaching, Daddy & Mummy were taken aback by the sheer size of the crowd. If you didn't know better, you would think that everything's a free-for-all. Nevertheless, Mummy and Daddy demonstrated the same Singaporean mentality (as with the rest in the crowd, albeit with more class and grace *hee*), in pushing through to the front to grab the shoes of their choice. Kudos to Auntie Von, who had reached there earlier, for her help in securing some shoes for us as well, along with those for her 2 darlings.
However, what was meant to be a 'chop-chop' bargin hunting trip of 1-1.5 hours, turned into a 3-hour painful stay at the sale, what with all the pushing and shoving, and worst of all, the poorly planned queue system for payment.
Oh well, but like the guy, behind Mummy and Auntie Von in the queue, said, ''If you want to get cheap branded stuff, you will have to brave the 'elements' - crowds and long waiting time. So live with it!''.

The spoils of the bargain hunting (shoes for all 3 of us and Daddy. Mummy would have none of Crocs cos' she thinks that they make her look like Ronald MacDonald when worn)

Jibbitz to accessorise our shoes with

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mummy's Milk is Yummy Milk

Knowing that breast milk is best, Mummy has been diligently expressing her breast milk everyday for my consumption, to keep me well-nourished. At any one time, there are 2 days' worth of supplies in the fridge for my feeds.
At the Dr. Lim's clinic today (Mummy took me there for my 6-in-1 vaccination), Mummy was pleased to note my growth - at 7 weeks, I'm now 5.4kg and 59cm in height (my birth weight was 3.255kg and length, 48cm) - and all the more convinced of the goodness of nature's best.
Breast milk a happy & chubby baby makes

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happening Weekend!

This weekend saw a couple of visitors to our humble abode - Uncle Hong Tat on Saturday and Auntie Von Von & family on Sunday.
If you can recall, Uncle Hong Tat's Mummy's ex-colleague from SingTel. Mummy says he's a gem of a guy with a big heart and is very popular amongst the girls (as well as guys). Either he's not telling the truth, or the girs around him do not have the good fortune, he's still an eligible bachelor till date. Nevertheless, Uncle Hong Tat, jia you, k!

My Uncle Hong Tat and Moi

The last time we saw Auntie Von Von was when we went to to Singapore Flyer together. At that time, both Mummy and Auntie Von Von were heavily pregnant with our Didi and Regine Mei Mei respectively.

Auntie Von Von came to visit us laden with toys for both Mei Mei and me, which was so sweet of her. Together with Uncle John, she brought along Rachel Jie Jie and Regine Mei Mei. The latter are the spitting images of each other, just like Auntie Von Von likes to say that I'm the spitting image of Mummy. *Hee*

And since it was lunch-time when Auntie Von Von & family came, we adjourned to Swensens at Parkway Parade where we had another yummilicious lunch and naturally, rounding it off with ice-cream!
Regine Mei Mei, who's 5 days older than our Didi, sleeping sweetly

Rachel Jie Jie, who's 2 days older than us.

Mei Mei and I doing our fave pose - Apple Face!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Didi's 1st Month Celebration

If you had thought that the mini celebration last Friday was all there was to Didi's 1st month celebration, well, think again.
Daddy & Mummy booked a chalet at Goldkist Beach Resort on the Deepavali public holiday, inviting their colleagues and friends to join in the celebrations.

(L) Auntie Lip & Auntie Gwen (R) Auntie Yen Lin & our fave Uncle Hong Tat

Daddy's friends & colleagues

Although the celebration was in Didi's name, guess that we both enjoyed the party the most, what with the food, lots of aunties and uncles and open spaces for us to get into mischief.

Look at our perspiration-soaked hair!

A family pic - Say cheez!
The birthday boy sleeps soundly, blissfully unaware of the day's events

Friday, October 24, 2008

Didi is 1 Month Old Today!

Today's Didi's 1st-month birthday. We had a mini-celebration at home, complete with the traditional red eggs and a yummy chocolate cake. As a symbolic gesture, Daddy also snipped a little of Didi's newborn hair for keepsake, along with his dried-up umbilica cord stump. These are kept together with ours as well, for olden saying has it that when siblings' newborn hair and umbilica cord stumps are placed together, the bonds amongst them will be strengthened, with their hearts united as one. Whoa!
Hmmm...seems like the yummy chocolate cake is a regular fixture in the Heng family Happy 1st month birthday, Didi!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Twins' 1st Day at School!

Today marks the 1st day that we attend school (childcare service @ YWCA. Daddy & Mummy chose this childcare centre for its proximity to our home). Although we'd attended classes before (Kindermusik, Julia Gabriel's and Growing Up Gifted), this time round, we will be spending close to 10 hours per day, Mon-Fri, exploring and learning new things, interacting with other children, without the accompaniment of Daddy & Mummy.

Gor Gor & I tucking into our breakfast of bread (with kaya) and milk

To minimise any separation anxiety on our part, today, Daddy & Mummy sat in with us in class which commenced with breakfast at 8am, followed by the songs and games segment at 830am.

Though we were surrounded by a sea of foreign faces, we felt secure knowing that Daddy & Mummy were with us every step of the way. As you can see, we particularly enjoyed the songs & games and playing with the toy kitchen set.

Are we looking forward to coming back tomorrow? You bet!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

More on our Didi!

Mummy finally has some time to upload Didi's pictures. Here are some to share with all.

'Hey, didi, this used to be my cot, ya know!'
Mummy says that Didi bears a striking resemblance to me (in my early months) in this picture

Didi trying his darnest to expunge a burp

Daddy & Mummy said that these gifts (the two behind us) are from Didi to us. Hmmm...strange that Didi knew what we like and how did he find the time to buy these for us....

To celebrate Didi's 12 days of age, our family tucked into this dish of pig's trotters in vinegar and dark sauce (according to Chinese customs, this is the signature dish to celebrate all newborns' 12th day of arrival). Mummy is not exactly wild about this dish, but Daddy and Gong Gong sure attacked it with relish.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Arrival of our Didi!

Introducing the latest addition to our family - Our Didi, Jonaven!
Mummy's waterbag had started to leak on Wed morning, and on her gynae's (Dr. Chan who also delivered the both of us) advice (the scan showed that her amniotic fluid was lower than usual, though her cervix had yet to be dilated), it was not wise to wait for a natural delivery due to the risk of foetal distress.
Thus, Mummy was scheduled for a C-section (with epidural, cos' Mummy summoned all her courage with the dogged determination to witness Didi's arrival, having undergone GA for our birth) in the evening.
And ta-da! Our Didi arrived in the evening of 24 September, all 3.255kg of him!
Mummy will be posting more pics and details once she's more time. As for now, she has her hands full with breastfeeding Didi, watching over us to ensure that we don't get into mischief, while coping with her post-Caesarean recovery.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Por Por

We celebrated Por Por's birthday (in advance) at Peach Garden restaurant today. Having heard so much hype about the food at Peach Garden, we're happy to report that the restaurant certainly lives up to its reputation, though if the prices there were less 'fanciful', it would have been perfect.

L-R: Yi Por, Gong Gong, Por Por and us

Coincidentally, tonight's the last night of the fireworks display, rounding up the National Day celebrations. Thus, Daddy & Mummy decided to try their luck by heading towards the direction of the Esplanade, hoping to catch some of the action. As traffic slowed to a crawl on the Esplanade, and eventually the ECP, we managed to catch the brilliant display of fireworks which lit up the night sky. It was definitely nothing like what we've seen before. And Mummy was remarking to Daddy that the last time they'd witnessed the fireworks display at the Esplanade was in 2006, when we were both still snug in Mummy's belly!

Brilliant display of fireworks

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Singapore Flyer

Today marks a day of 'high-flying' adventure for us. Thanks to Uncle John who managed to secure tickets at $10 each (kids below 3 enter for free), we joined the Chan family on an exhilarating experience at the Singapore Flyer.

L-R: Rachel, Shannen & Jayden, all psyched up about the ascent

Vertigo is the furthest thing from young minds

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After a delightful experience at the Singapore Flyer, Mummy and Auntie Von both had a craving for dim sum at Red Star restaurant so off we went, for a yummilicious dim sum lunch. What a fantabulous way to end off a morning of great fun!