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Friday, January 25, 2008

Terminal 3 - Our New Playground

Mummy & Daddy surprised us by coming home early today to take us to the all-new Terminal 3 at Changi Airport.

With the spacious compound, high ceiling, Shangri-La-resque architecture, Terminal 3 indeed deserves pride of place in every Singaporean's heart. But more importantly, Terminal 3 looks set to be our new fave haunt and ideal playground. We can't wait for Daddy & Mummy to take along our 'car car' and soon-to-be bought tricycle to the grounds for us to roam free!

The 5-storey tall and 300m-long vertical garden a.k.a the Green Wall (backdrop)

Slowly but surely, we will walk with more confidence before graduating to running. Somebody, stop us!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Growing Up Gifted

It's been a long while since Daddy & Mummy took us to 'school' (the last being Kindermusik and My Gym trial sessions last Aug and Sep). At that time, Mummy felt that given our tender age, we were still not ready for such classes, what with Jayden Gor Gor falling asleep during the the entire Kindermusik class and I, for the My Gym trial. Thus, unlike most of our Jan baby friends, we didn't attend any term sessions at Kindermusik or otherwise.

However, today's trial session at GUG proved to Mummy that we've become much more responsive and actually enjoyed ourselves tremendously during the story-telling, phonics, art & craft, singing and dancing segments. Jayden Gor Gor & I were so caught up in our excitement that we sub-consciously stood for long stretches of time on the playmat, deeply engrossed with the goings-on at the front of the class. In fact, Jayden Gor Gor was so enraptured by the bubbles blown by the teachers, he actually took his first step during class!

Mummy's suitably impressed with GUG and has already signed us up for one term commencing in March. Oh goody, we will be in the same class as Rachel Jie Jie and perhaps, our other Jan baby friends too!

This half ear of the corn was the main tool of our art & craft segment - corn printing

Our first ever piece of artwork - our masterpiece!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The 'S.N.A.G'

For those of you who have been following our blog or who personally know my Jayden Gor Gor, I'm sure many would agree that he's really a notti little boy. However, he can be reduced to an emotional wreck, especially in the case of Daddy raising his trademark booming voice at
him, and looking all stern and serious....


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Re: Yummy Recipes

Recently, Mummy has gone the way of Jamie Oliver, trying to whip up new dishes for us to try, away from the usual humdrum of porridge (beef, chicken, fish, pork). Much thanks to Auntie Tona, whose blog for Kimi Di Di is such treasure trove of information, from which Mummy usually refers to for useful tips and yummy recipes. Just today, Mummy tried to re-create the Baby Creamy Salmon Pasta, from one of Auntie Tona's recipes. And boy, it turned out to be surprisingly yummy! Mmmm....In fact, Mummy was telling Daddy that there will be no more carbonara for her when dining out, not when the one she's churned out proved to be almost as good as the real McCoy!

Baby Creamy Samon Pasta


A slab of salmon steak
Pasta (boiled soft and cut into small pieces)
Full cream (Bulla)
Full-cream milk
Butter (reduced salt)
Cheddar cheeese (Kraft)
Egg yolk
Broccoli (steamed and mashed)
Carrot (steamed and mashed)
A dash of black pepper and ground nutmeg

Potato Combo (it tastes better than it looks in this pic!)

Another new dish Mummy has recently whipped up is the mashed potato combo (above), which she's adapted from Auntie Zenn's blog for Estelle Mei Mei. Comprising of mashed potato (potato boiled and mashed), pumpkin, green peas (strained), shredded chicken, cheddar cheese and milk (full-cream), the dish is such a treat. We like!

Keep up the good work, Mummy! We look forward to more yummy-licious dishes!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

We're ONE!

Today marks a significant milestone for Gor Gor and me - we are ONE!

It's my birthday! I'm turning ONE! Yeah!

To celebrate this joyous occasion, Daddy & Mummy rented a spacious bungalow chalet at Aloha Loyang, with the help of Auntie Lip, to hold a birthday bash for us.

Our chalet - Seaview Bungalow 8 (31 Dec '07 - 2 Jan '08)

Believing that we love Winnie the Pooh and friends (but it's true that we do, lah), Mummy created a themed party revolving around the fave Disney characters, from the cake and agar-agar, to the balloons, party bags, hats and right down to the table-cloth!

These simply look too pretty to be eaten

Owing to the great support shown by Daddy's Mummy's friends and colleagues, our party was well-attended by over 80 people. We are very happy and appreciative of the well-wishes and gifts from the various aunties, uncles, gors gors and jies jies.

Por Por & Gong Gong

Mummy's ex-colleagues & friends

Daddy's friends & colleagues

Gor Gor with Uncle King, Ye Ye and Cousin Wee Loke

Pssst, wanna know what our birthday wish was? Good health and happiness to all in our family. May we always have the love of each other and God to watch over and bless us.