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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Gong Xi Gong Xi!

恭 喜! 恭 喜! This is our 2nd Chinese New Year, but the first that we're aware of (we were barely 2 months old last CNY). Though we've not much experience with this festive celebration, we do know that it's a period of get-together, feasting on goodies and the collection of ang pows!
But most importantly, we cherished the 5 consecutive days of celebration (starting with CNY eve) when Daddy & Mummy were not at work, but with us, 24x7, giving us their undivided attention.

Our first CNY visit - 新 年 快 乐, 身 体 建 康, Gong Gong, Por Por!

Another day of visiting, another set of outfit!

Mummy's outfit and mine are so matching!

Oh boy, not again! Another day of visiting?

Our 1st time meeting Mummy's 奶 妈 (nanny). Does this make her our 奶 婆? *scratch head*

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Welcome, BB Gwendolynn

Mummy's good friend, Auntie Sharon is now a Mummy herself! 31 Jan 2008 saw the arrival of her precious little girl, Gwendolynn. Both Auntie Sharon and Uncle Terrence are absolutely thrilled with their bundle of job, lack of sleep notwithstanding.
Sweet dreams, BB Gwendolynn. May you grow up to be a babe like your Mummy!Mummy, Auntie Sharon & Connie