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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Victoria Jie Jie

Today's a special day for Victoria Jie Jie (she's the elder daughter of Mummy's cousin Desmond and his wife, Maureen). It marks the day that she turns 5!!

Auntie Maureen planned a special birthday party for Victoria Jie Jie at KFC @ The Playground (East Coast Parkway), replete with games & music, a clown and even a big, fat rooster!

We had fun just soaking in the sights of the party, since we're still too young to join in the games, and eating the mashed potato and slivers of chicken that Mummy & Daddy fed us. But I think Mummy & Daddy probably had more fun than we did, since they were both busy wolfing down the Original Recipe and Hot & Crispy chicken pieces, delivered piping hot from the kitchen (Mummy has been developing cravings for KFC lately, while Daddy's...u know, Daddy just loves to eat *hee).

Shannen Mei Mei 'sayang-ing' the birthday girl

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Adventures @ the Zoo (I)

Thanks to the corporate zoo passes which Por Por secured, we finally made our 1st trip to the zoo! Yippee!!!!
It was a hot, humid and cloudy day, but we were thankful that the skies did not open that morning. Armed to the hilt with supplies for the trip, Mummy had in her bag, mosquito patches - which she lost no time in sticking onto our clothes and strollers to keep the mozzies at bay - bread, biscuits and water.
We followed the path which led us to the Treetops Trail where the False Gavials (alligator look-alikes) and Siamangs inhabit, followed by the Otters, Pygmy Hppos, Warthogs, White Tigers, Kangaroos/Wallabies, Hamadrays Baboons and finally the Elephants. We particularly liked the Kangaroos/Wallabies, Otters and Pygmy Hippos.
@ the Hamadryas Baboo enclosure
As we were getting cranky and tired, due in part to the weather, we had to end the trip with the Elephant Show. Today's trip only saw us covering1/4 of the zoo exhibits. But Mummy said we should be back at the zoo very soon, with Por Por already applying for next trip's zoo passes, hurray! We sure hope to view the giraffes, lions and polar bears soon!
Mummy said that it's a shame that Ah Meng (the beloved icon - she's a grand dame of an orang utan - of our zoo who passed away a couple of months back) was no longer around. But to us, every animal looked fascinating. We bet that with all the gawking at them, the animals had found us 'interesting' too!
See you later, alligator!
I love my Daddy, so much so that I dress like him too!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Mummy's Say - Give Thanks

I just came back from a gathering today, during which I found out that one of my good friends just had a miscarriage. And I was still happily asking her if 'it' was gonna be a boy or girl this time round....:( Dunno why, but this knowledge of her recent loss has brought about an emotional catharsis....

To be able to conceive, hold your pregnancy through without any complications, or to deliver a healthy baby - all these are blessings, or simply out, a privilege for which one should give thanks. It should never be relegated to something that's taken for granted. You know, I've come across many insensitive souls who had passed remarks like 'Eh, I don't understand how come she's so weak. When I was pregnant, I was never sick or had so many problems with my pregnancy', or 'She must have done something taboo during her pregnancy, for her child to be inflicted with this condition.' Duh!!! Excuse me, but are these people lacking a sensitivity chip or what? Every pregnancy is different, and so is each woman's constituition. You very certainly can't use your own benchmark on others. So please, do not judge others going through this similar process for each one's journey could well be very different.

Take my case for example. When I had the twins, my pregnancy was fraught with complications - placenta previa, premature contractions, etc. which led to my being hospitalised for a good 10 weeks before I delivered them in my 36th week. Trust me, those 10 weeks were the darkest moments of my life. Imagine being on CRIB (Complete Rest in Bed) for a good whole part during that period, doing almost all your business in bed and facing the same 3 walls and windows for 70 days in a row, lying in bed and crying over fears of the babies not being able to make it....And compounding my emotions then was news that 2 of the forum mummies (Twins/Triplets thread) had just lost their twins & triplets in the 19th-22nd weeks, with one mummy hospitalised right under the same roof as me (Mount Alvernia). You tell me, if you would have cracked under those circumstances. If not for my faith, I would not have held on as well as I did, and my darlings might not have had a fighting chance. And I think I've earned the right to say that I appreciate my kids and life just a little bit more than some mothers out there, having gone through what I did. And naturally, I still count my blessings each day for what I have.

Hope that you folks reading this won't take this to be a rant from someone emotionally unstable (though I've license to be, given my surge in hormones now *wink*). Guess what I'm trying to say is that, should you be blessed enough to conceive easily or enjoy a complication-free pregnancy, take a moment to give thanks. After all, we (and not someone else) are indeed blessed to be appointed guardians of our precious darlings.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Julia Gabriel

After having heard so much about Julia Gabriel (JG), Mummy signed me up for a trial class today. As Jayden Gor Gor just had his chickenpox vaccine recently, Mummy has been advised to keep him away from crowds lest he contracts any viruses now that his immune system is down. Thus, I was on my own today. How I missed my Gor Gor :(
Like the Growing Up Gifted (GUG) class which we're currently attending, the JG class started with 20 mins of free play, before delving into song-&-dance, mystery animal in the magic box and story-telling. I like the teachers very much, especially the one with a flower in her hair. She seems so lively and nice! :)
There was also a creative arts session where we played with colours. See the beautiful rainbow fish (below) which I've coloured with Mummy's help. After all the 'hard work', we had a 10 min-break in which we feasted on yummylicious Maple Arrowroot cookies, compliments of JG. It was so yummy that I had a second helping. Mummy took a bite and also found it very yummy (so much so that she rushed down to Cold Storage at night to get us a pack of the goodies!)
My masterpiece
But the most exciting segment must have been the outdoor play session - water play. Although I was initially quite shy, having to strip to my diapers (I'm a girl-girl, mah!), I soon overcame my inhibitions cos' Daddy & Mummy have not brought us swimming for quite some time and this comes close to that. Boy, the water-play sure was fun!

Mummy was planning to sign us both for JG, but as the new term for PlayNest starts next week, and our GUG class term is still in session, Mummy says it's best to wait till we're older (20 months) before signing us both for the 2-hr bilingual PlayClub.
See you then, JG, in 6 months' time!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Going Potty

Mummy has started training us on the potty since a few weeks ago. At the first signs of any strained faces, Mummy would rush to put us on the potty, with her acccompaniment of 'ngmm...ngmm' to help us offload the highly anticipated 'gold bars'. Well, sometimes it pays off, while other times, hmmm...let's just say that we like setting off our Mummy Dearest into a tizzy, just for the fun of it! *hee hee*
I love my throne. Maybe if I were to sit here long enough, I could hatch a golden egg!
Jayden Gor Gor in deep concentration. As they say, you can't rush a good poo!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Mummy's Say - I Left My Heart in San Francisco (25 Feb - 5 Mar 08)

This trip marks the longest I've ever been away from the babes - 10 days.

In Santa Clara for work from 25-28 Feb, Baobei flew down to join me as I extended my U.S trip for leisure (cos' 'somebody' was hankering to relive the good 'ol shopping experience at the outlets during our last West Coast trip). From Santa Clara, we headed down to the biggest and newst Toys r Us outlet at San Jose to load up on toys for the babes (this trip was partly devoted to them). Following this., we headed down to the Gilroy premium outlets where it was non-stop shopping for the kids - Carter's, The Children's Place, Gymboree and Oshkosh B'Gosh. Unfortunately, as it was only the start of spring over there, the clothes there were mostly coldwear i.e. sweaters, long-sleeved tops, etc. Compared to our baby apparel spree back in 'May '04, the stash this time round was not as good. Baobei, as usual, had no problems parting with his money - Levi's, Gap, Timberland, Adidas, he came out from each store loaded with great finds. Good for him! The above was repeated when we headed down to Vacaville, another huge premium outlet mall located near SF, having decided that we should make the most out of this trip. Baby-wear was so-so, while you-know-who went on his 2nd round of spree. :P

Outlet Shopping

Bountiful harvest for the kiddos

Aside from the outlet shopping, we re-traced our steps from our '04 West Coast USA trip and visited beautiful Monterey and Pacific Grove again. Guess I omitted to state the temperature in the area which was between 7 to 14 degrees with the temperature at the coastal areas lower by another 2 degrees or so. Thus, you can understand why I was clothed almost ala Winter Sonata (notice the scarf and hands in the pocket?). It was so damned cold! Bbbbrrrrr.....

Fisherman's Wharf @ Monterey Bay

Nearing the 17-mile scenic drive along Pacific Grove

Food wise, there's only so much ribs and fried steak that one can eat. Some of you may know my fascination with Applebees and iHOP on my last trip, but on this, well, let's just say that I was craving for Chinese food every other day. Even Cold Stone Creamery...nah, it just didn't taste as good as it did last time round. Maybe it's my change in tastebuds...but more on that in subsequent postings....And talking about Chinese food, both Baobei and I still can't get over how we were ripped off of US$51 for 4 baskets of dim sum (which were horrid to say the least) plus 1 dish of vegetables! Imagine, that's like S$70 for such a miserable amount of food, with only the stir-fried vegetables tasting remotely near decent. Sigh! Sorry, Baobei. We should have just gone to The Cheesecake Factory instead. :(

Baobei tucking in heartily @ Applebees
Gigantic fried oysters
Sourdough clam chowder - my fave!

Driving in San Francisco downtown was really trying. And I, tasked with map-reading, had an even more daunting task. Several times, we had to stop by the side of the road to try and make sense of the grid. Nevertheless, I still remain passionate about SF. The slopes - ups & downs, some at nearly 70 degrees angle, the quaint architecture, the beloved icon - Golden Gate Bridge, the bright blue skies...See's Candies and Ghirardelli chocolates!! Yummy! For those who have yet to try See's Candies' Toffeettes (see below), take my advice, go try it. Bribe or beg, get whoever's travelling to the west coast to cart back the goodies for you. No regrets on this. It's one of the yummiest confectioneries around, trust me! At US$15 per tin, though a bit exp, it's well-worth it :)

Opp .Ghirardelli Square The Golden Gate Bridge in the background

Another highlight of this trip was meeting up with my dear friend, I-Ying (who's due in Aug) and her hubby, Morris, over an extremely yummy-licious dinner at Basil Thai. Seems that the chef could do no wrong for every dish was appetising and really, it's just the best Thai food I've ever tasted! Or maybe it's because of my change in tastebuds, but again, more on that next time. For desserts, Morris guided us to this quaint pie cafe (can't recall the name) in their neighbourhood. It sure whipped up some mean-tasting pies, esp. the apple pie, boy! Anyways, it was most unfortunate that it slipped my pea brain to whip out our camera for some shots with them (guess I was too caught up in the yummy food). Another big regret was not having been able to sync up with them earlier, otherwise, we wouldn't have been US$51 poorer over some horrible measly grub....