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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mummy's Say - Hot Pot with Hot Mamas

It's been a long while since I last met up with my dear forum Mummy friends, so it was indeed timely for Von to organise the gathering at Coca Steamboat on Tuesday, towards which I had anticipated with girlish excitement.
With a total of 14 Mummies (moi included) and 5 tots, it was a raucous affair with friendly jibes (mostly between Tona and Von), parenting tips being exchanged and clamourings to cuddle the tots. It was my first time meeting some of the Mummies there - Faith, Foo Bee and Trisha - which was great as I could finally put a face to an alias, all the more so since Foo Bee has now relocated to KL with her hubby (and was due back in KL that very night) and Trisha was back from Holland (where her hubby's posted) for a short break. To top it off, what followed after lunch was a delightful chocolate cake ordered by Von for Sherl to celebrate the latter's belated birthday. Yummy!

Great sauce dip (well, in the absence of MK, Coca reigns supreme), yummilicious cake and even greater company - what more could one ask for?

L-R: Von, Tona, Yours Truly & Foo Bee

(L) Tona and Jane - 加 油!

(R) Happy Belated Birthday, Sherl!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Spooky Encounter on a Hot, Stuffy Night

I'm sure all of you agree that it's been freakingly hot lately (no thanks to global warming). And true to the old adage of 'it never rains but pours', my silly air-conditioning system chose to break down at this time and the even sillier air-con repair company, faced with manpower resources (bah, like it was my problem...yah, actually it became mine), could only send their guys down to fix it on Wednesday morning. So darned, faced with no choice, we've been turning to the trusted fan to circulate stale air in the room for the past few nights. And the poor kids, not used to sleeping through the night in such humid air, would toss and turn in their sleep, letting loose a few cries every now and then.

Then, Hubby Dearest came up with an ingenious idea. He reckoned that since the hall was cooler in the night (our living room faces a park of sorts and also due to the more powerful ceiling fan), all four of us - 2 Big, 2 Small - should just camp out in the hall. Baulking at the thought of lying there, being so exposed, when there's the maid in the house as well, I came up with an even better idea - Hubby Dearest and Den Den to camp out in the hall while Shaen and Mummy hold the fort in the bedroom (well, 2 less pax in the room equates to less carbon dioxide being emitted which equates to more fresh air for the other 2 to sleep soundly through the night)! So there it was, a well-laid plan which was put to action the next night.

'Jer jer jer jer...ba ba ba....' I stirred from my sleep, roused by the strange sounds. Time-check on the radio-clock showed 3am. With eyes half open, I barely made out the shape of Shaen, sitting on the bed beside me, staring straight ahead towards the foot of the bed, and conducting a coversation with a third party. Gasp! Terrified that I was, but also anxious to protect my child from whatever was plaguing her from sleep, I forced myself, albeit with half-closed eyes, to look in the direction of her gaze. YIKES, for there it was, the shape of a little boy, with his head cocked to his left, staring straight at the both of us! I froze, literally, too terrified to scream...until my senses finally took control.... It was JAYDEN BOY!!!!!

Apparently, that little boy woke up from his sleep to find himself in a strange environment. So he did what came naturally i.e.to head straight back to his cot in Daddy and Mummy's room, albeit in the dark. And as expected, Hubby Dearest, who slept like a log was oblivious to the entire episode even though his darling son was supposed to have been sleeping just right beside him. Scooping Den Den up and placing him back into this cot, this poor harried mummy set about patting the twins to sleep, though by then, both tots were pretty wide awake and babbling to each other excitedly, probably about the little prank they had just played on her....

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Long Time No Swim!

It's been such a long while since we last took a dip in the pool - to be precise, since 2 Jan this year, just before we checked out of Aloha Resorts after our 1st-year birthday bash on New Year's Day! But then, Mummy had kept us away from the pool for good measures - either Jayden Gor Gor & I took turns in getting sick or our vaccination schedules didn't allow it (lowered immunity systems).

So, it was with great thrill and excitement that we got reacquainted with our dear old friends i.e. the cool sparkling waters of the pool and our cutie floaties! *hee*

Warming up to our dear old friend

I really enjoy getting my feet wet

(L) Quick, get me a Pina Colada!
(R) Jayden Gor Gor is his K(N)S-100

(L) Own time, own target
(R) That's all, folks!

And guess what? Mummy met her ex-SingTel colleagues - Aunties Geraldine, Rena and Wei Ping - at the pool. What a pleasant surprise! They were there with their children for the latter's 1st swimming lesson! So many Gors Gors & Jie Jie, we like! We hope to meet up with them regularly during our weekly swims! Ooohhh...so happening, can hardly wait!

Auntie Rena with Sam Di Di, Auntie Wei Ping & Auntie Geraldine