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Friday, May 30, 2008

Mummy's Birthday Celebrations

Ever since we entered Mummy's life, Mummy claims that everyday brings to her newfound joy, not to mention that her birthday celebrations are now all the more memorable and ultra special.

Mummy's birthday celebration this year spans across 2 days - On the eve of her birthday, Por Por and Gong Gong treated her to a delicious Thai meal at the renowned Thanying Palace (Amara Hotel). Though the food was too spicy and tangy for us to try, we could tell from the looks on the adults' faces that the cuisine was yum yum good! Mummy particularly enjoyed the stuffed chicken wings, basil pork and stir-fried peppercorn beef.

Oooh, look at the dark chocolate cake Daddy got for Mummy from Rive Gauche (so chi-chi sounding, yar?)! Doesn't it look simply divine?

Yum-yum, our favourite part of the celebration comes!

Make a wish, make a wish, quick! So that we can all dig in!

And if you thought that that was all, think again. After stuffing ourselves silly with the divine dark chocolate cake, we barely had time to digest before being huddled into the car, and off to The Line @ the Shangri La Hotel we went to enjoy a sumptuous buffet lunch, compliments of Daddy!

That's all to the feasting, folks! Mummy says that she has easily gained 1kg just from the 2 days of gorging alone!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Farewell Lunch @ Ellenborough Market Cafe (Merchant Court Hotel)

It's with mixed feelings that I'm leaving HDS.
Excited - what with the challenges that await me at the new place; relieved - that I no longer need to be away from the babes (no more regional travelling); yet sad, that I'm going to leave a swell bunch of people - colleagues in the below photos - who have injected much fun, humour and support into my life, during my short stint with the company. Sob....
Front (L to R): Ken, moi, Catherine, Derek
BAck (L to R): Aris, Jeff, Ted, Colin

Yours Truly & Catherine, my sweet

Monday, May 19, 2008

Little Cycling Enthusiasts

Seeing that today's a Public Holiday (Vesak Day), Daddy and Mummy took us cycling @ the East Coast Park, though strictly speaking, it was Daddy cycling, while we took turns hitching a joy ride behind. What great fun it was, having the wind run through our hair, and taking in all the wonderful sights, smells and sounds.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Adventures @ the Zoo (II)

Hello, Zoo! Missed us? We said we would be back, didn't we?
This time round, we were back with a vengeance, hoping to cover as much ground as possible, and to complete all the remaining zoo exhibits in 3.5 hours. But with so many animals to see, so little time, not to mention that it was so very hot, with so many mozzies, wish us luck!

Wake up, sleepyhead!

On this trip, we got to meet Inuka, the cute polar bear. But Mummy said that his cute and cuddley looks belie an aggressive nature (polar bears are known to be aggressive predators of small mammals like seals and sealions). But we think that he's one lucky bear, for how many animals at the zoo get to have his own air-conditioned enclosure and a big pool for his playful romps?

At the Splash Amphitheatre, we came across the manatees, sealions and penguins. Seeing the latter face-to-face, we finally understood why the famous Japanese cartoon character, Tuxedo Sam, is named as such. The penguins simply look so smart in their black-&-white suits!

We also saw many familiar animals at Wild Africa, which we've seen on National Geographic. There was the lone lion *grrrr...*, cheetahs, rhinoceros, zebras and our fave - the giraffes!

Mummy & her sweetheart against the backdrop of the majestic giraffes

We stopped by the Garden with a View to pause for a picture with the statue of Ah Meng the orang-utan, Singapore Zoo's icon, which passed away last year. Over there, we came across a mini-shed of rabbits and guinea pigs and couldn't resist feeding and patting them. Such lovely and gentle creatures, just like us! Haha!

MILCA (Mainly I Love Cute/Cuddley Animals) - A pat & a stroke for the guinea pig and rabbit

In loving memory of Ah Meng

One big buaya, and a little one in the making *hee*

Further along, we chanced upon the Children's World Play Land. Even Daddy & Mummy looked surprised to find a kiddy playground at the zoo. Daddy and Jayden Gor Gor had a splashing fun time at the wet-&-wild area, while I, simply enjoyed my time on the swing.
Jayden going topless at the Children's World Play Land

Swinging good times! Higher & faster, please!

Till our next visit, Jayden & Shannen, out!