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Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

It's Daddy's birthday today, and that can only mean one thing - more CHOCOLATE CAKE!! Yum-yum! But not forgetting that we love you tons, Daddy dearie. We wish that you, Mummy, BB Didi, together with us, will stay happy and healthy everyday...on a daily diet of CHOCOLATE CAKE!!!! *hee*
This Bakerzin Chocolate Amer cake looks yummilicious! And it cost Mummy a bomb too!

The family that eats lots of chocolate cake, stays happy together!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Today's Father's Day! Of course, we didn't exactly verbalize our well-wishes to our Daddy, but we were extra cuddley towards him, in our own little way of showing our affections for our hero!

Today's also the day that we're having a popiah party at Uncle Desmond's place, where we will see our cousins, Victoria Jie Jie and Allegra Mei Mei, as well as our cousins from Laos, Sara and Shanae Jie Jies and Seth Gor Gor, yeah!

Mummy and her dear cousin, Auntie Cecilia who currently resides in Laos with her pastor hubby, Uncle Ian, and children, Sarah, Seth and Shanae
All ready to take a dip in the pool!
Pretty Shanae Jie Jie and me

Jayden Gor Gor sure has a huge 'package'!
L - R: Shanae, Sarah, Seth & Victoria
Power to the Fathers!

Our Brand New Tri-mobiles

See our spanking new tricycles? Ain't they kewl? We think so too! While relishing our joy rides, we can also sit back and relax, while revelling in the super kewl melodies emitted at the press of a button! Awesome!

As they say, you really can't keep a boy and his '(pong pong) ball' apart.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bye Bye for Now, GUG!

After 2 terms at Growing Up Gifted, today's our last session with our beloved friends and teachers. Boo-hoo! Mummy knows that we're sad, but due to her growing tummy, she's been finding it tough to keep pace with the music and dance which we go through. Mummy says to take a break from the classes, but we could jolly well be back for more next year, which we sure hope!

A picture to remember of our teachers - Teachers Zee, Lafa and Ina