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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Por Por

We celebrated Por Por's birthday (in advance) at Peach Garden restaurant today. Having heard so much hype about the food at Peach Garden, we're happy to report that the restaurant certainly lives up to its reputation, though if the prices there were less 'fanciful', it would have been perfect.

L-R: Yi Por, Gong Gong, Por Por and us

Coincidentally, tonight's the last night of the fireworks display, rounding up the National Day celebrations. Thus, Daddy & Mummy decided to try their luck by heading towards the direction of the Esplanade, hoping to catch some of the action. As traffic slowed to a crawl on the Esplanade, and eventually the ECP, we managed to catch the brilliant display of fireworks which lit up the night sky. It was definitely nothing like what we've seen before. And Mummy was remarking to Daddy that the last time they'd witnessed the fireworks display at the Esplanade was in 2006, when we were both still snug in Mummy's belly!

Brilliant display of fireworks

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Singapore Flyer

Today marks a day of 'high-flying' adventure for us. Thanks to Uncle John who managed to secure tickets at $10 each (kids below 3 enter for free), we joined the Chan family on an exhilarating experience at the Singapore Flyer.

L-R: Rachel, Shannen & Jayden, all psyched up about the ascent

Vertigo is the furthest thing from young minds

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After a delightful experience at the Singapore Flyer, Mummy and Auntie Von both had a craving for dim sum at Red Star restaurant so off we went, for a yummilicious dim sum lunch. What a fantabulous way to end off a morning of great fun!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Trip to the Hairdressers'

Noticing that our manes have started looking more untamed, Daddy & Mummy decided that a trip to the hairdressers' was absolutely necessary. Mummy even remarked to Daddy that Gor Gor's starting to look more like a mushroom, while I, with my thick and overgrown mane, was looking like a female version of Bruce Lee in the 70s. D-UH!

While Gor Gor's gotten his locks shorn a couple of times at the hairdressers', it was my maiden experience having my hair professionally cut. Before you let out an audible gasp, I've to clarify - my hair has been trimmed many a times, not by any professional hairdresser, but if you must know, it has always been by Daddy, who prides himself as a nifty amateur hairstylist. Unfortunately, Mummy doesn't share his sentiments.

Gor Gor doesn't look too happy having his locks snipped. But this is already considered his best behaviour. In the past, Gor Gor wouldn't have hesitated to shove the hairdresser's hand away from his hair and howled at the top of his voice

Deciding that I have a rather petite face, the hairdresser thought it better to give me a 'china-doll' hairstyle. Mummy thinks I still look like a female version of Bruce Lee but at least, I can see better now that my eyes are not covered by my fringe.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Apple Faces!

Mummy just taught us a new pose recently. Each time she shouts, 'Apple Face', this is the pose we strike! Hee!