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Monday, September 29, 2008

The Arrival of our Didi!

Introducing the latest addition to our family - Our Didi, Jonaven!
Mummy's waterbag had started to leak on Wed morning, and on her gynae's (Dr. Chan who also delivered the both of us) advice (the scan showed that her amniotic fluid was lower than usual, though her cervix had yet to be dilated), it was not wise to wait for a natural delivery due to the risk of foetal distress.
Thus, Mummy was scheduled for a C-section (with epidural, cos' Mummy summoned all her courage with the dogged determination to witness Didi's arrival, having undergone GA for our birth) in the evening.
And ta-da! Our Didi arrived in the evening of 24 September, all 3.255kg of him!
Mummy will be posting more pics and details once she's more time. As for now, she has her hands full with breastfeeding Didi, watching over us to ensure that we don't get into mischief, while coping with her post-Caesarean recovery.