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Monday, October 27, 2008

Didi's 1st Month Celebration

If you had thought that the mini celebration last Friday was all there was to Didi's 1st month celebration, well, think again.
Daddy & Mummy booked a chalet at Goldkist Beach Resort on the Deepavali public holiday, inviting their colleagues and friends to join in the celebrations.

(L) Auntie Lip & Auntie Gwen (R) Auntie Yen Lin & our fave Uncle Hong Tat

Daddy's friends & colleagues

Although the celebration was in Didi's name, guess that we both enjoyed the party the most, what with the food, lots of aunties and uncles and open spaces for us to get into mischief.

Look at our perspiration-soaked hair!

A family pic - Say cheez!
The birthday boy sleeps soundly, blissfully unaware of the day's events

Friday, October 24, 2008

Didi is 1 Month Old Today!

Today's Didi's 1st-month birthday. We had a mini-celebration at home, complete with the traditional red eggs and a yummy chocolate cake. As a symbolic gesture, Daddy also snipped a little of Didi's newborn hair for keepsake, along with his dried-up umbilica cord stump. These are kept together with ours as well, for olden saying has it that when siblings' newborn hair and umbilica cord stumps are placed together, the bonds amongst them will be strengthened, with their hearts united as one. Whoa!
Hmmm...seems like the yummy chocolate cake is a regular fixture in the Heng family Happy 1st month birthday, Didi!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Twins' 1st Day at School!

Today marks the 1st day that we attend school (childcare service @ YWCA. Daddy & Mummy chose this childcare centre for its proximity to our home). Although we'd attended classes before (Kindermusik, Julia Gabriel's and Growing Up Gifted), this time round, we will be spending close to 10 hours per day, Mon-Fri, exploring and learning new things, interacting with other children, without the accompaniment of Daddy & Mummy.

Gor Gor & I tucking into our breakfast of bread (with kaya) and milk

To minimise any separation anxiety on our part, today, Daddy & Mummy sat in with us in class which commenced with breakfast at 8am, followed by the songs and games segment at 830am.

Though we were surrounded by a sea of foreign faces, we felt secure knowing that Daddy & Mummy were with us every step of the way. As you can see, we particularly enjoyed the songs & games and playing with the toy kitchen set.

Are we looking forward to coming back tomorrow? You bet!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

More on our Didi!

Mummy finally has some time to upload Didi's pictures. Here are some to share with all.

'Hey, didi, this used to be my cot, ya know!'
Mummy says that Didi bears a striking resemblance to me (in my early months) in this picture

Didi trying his darnest to expunge a burp

Daddy & Mummy said that these gifts (the two behind us) are from Didi to us. Hmmm...strange that Didi knew what we like and how did he find the time to buy these for us....

To celebrate Didi's 12 days of age, our family tucked into this dish of pig's trotters in vinegar and dark sauce (according to Chinese customs, this is the signature dish to celebrate all newborns' 12th day of arrival). Mummy is not exactly wild about this dish, but Daddy and Gong Gong sure attacked it with relish.