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Friday, November 28, 2008

Mummy's Say - Look at what you have done, again, Jayden Boy!

A strange call came through this evening and it went something like this:
Moi: Hello
Caller: Hello, is this 63xx xxx0?
Moi: Yes, it is, and you are....?
Caller: I'm calling from the Police.
Moi: ...*stunned silence*. Yes?
Caller: Someone from your place has been dialling 999 non-stop for the past 5 minutes. You have young children at
home? It's been jamming up our line here.
Moi: *JAYDEN BOY!!!! (He was playing with the handset a while ago)* Oh! Oops, I'm very, very sorry. It must have
been my boy. I will make sure that he doesn't do it again. So sorry....
Caller: Sure, thanks. By the way, how old is your son?
Moi: Errmm...23 months....
Caller: Oh, that's rather young!
Moi: Yah, sorry again, I will see to it that he doesn't dial 999 for fun again.
Caller: Alright, thanks! By the way, who am I speaking to?
Moi: Visible gasp *Am i about to chalk up a criminal record on behalf of my notti boy?* Errmm...Michelle.
Caller: Ok, thanks, Michelle. Bye. Click.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Sale Worth Waiting For - Crocs!

Today's the 1st day of the Crocs sale at the Singapore Expo and Daddy & Mummy wasted no time in rushing down to grab some bargains.

Upon reaching, Daddy & Mummy were taken aback by the sheer size of the crowd. If you didn't know better, you would think that everything's a free-for-all. Nevertheless, Mummy and Daddy demonstrated the same Singaporean mentality (as with the rest in the crowd, albeit with more class and grace *hee*), in pushing through to the front to grab the shoes of their choice. Kudos to Auntie Von, who had reached there earlier, for her help in securing some shoes for us as well, along with those for her 2 darlings.
However, what was meant to be a 'chop-chop' bargin hunting trip of 1-1.5 hours, turned into a 3-hour painful stay at the sale, what with all the pushing and shoving, and worst of all, the poorly planned queue system for payment.
Oh well, but like the guy, behind Mummy and Auntie Von in the queue, said, ''If you want to get cheap branded stuff, you will have to brave the 'elements' - crowds and long waiting time. So live with it!''.

The spoils of the bargain hunting (shoes for all 3 of us and Daddy. Mummy would have none of Crocs cos' she thinks that they make her look like Ronald MacDonald when worn)

Jibbitz to accessorise our shoes with

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mummy's Milk is Yummy Milk

Knowing that breast milk is best, Mummy has been diligently expressing her breast milk everyday for my consumption, to keep me well-nourished. At any one time, there are 2 days' worth of supplies in the fridge for my feeds.
At the Dr. Lim's clinic today (Mummy took me there for my 6-in-1 vaccination), Mummy was pleased to note my growth - at 7 weeks, I'm now 5.4kg and 59cm in height (my birth weight was 3.255kg and length, 48cm) - and all the more convinced of the goodness of nature's best.
Breast milk a happy & chubby baby makes

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happening Weekend!

This weekend saw a couple of visitors to our humble abode - Uncle Hong Tat on Saturday and Auntie Von Von & family on Sunday.
If you can recall, Uncle Hong Tat's Mummy's ex-colleague from SingTel. Mummy says he's a gem of a guy with a big heart and is very popular amongst the girls (as well as guys). Either he's not telling the truth, or the girs around him do not have the good fortune, he's still an eligible bachelor till date. Nevertheless, Uncle Hong Tat, jia you, k!

My Uncle Hong Tat and Moi

The last time we saw Auntie Von Von was when we went to to Singapore Flyer together. At that time, both Mummy and Auntie Von Von were heavily pregnant with our Didi and Regine Mei Mei respectively.

Auntie Von Von came to visit us laden with toys for both Mei Mei and me, which was so sweet of her. Together with Uncle John, she brought along Rachel Jie Jie and Regine Mei Mei. The latter are the spitting images of each other, just like Auntie Von Von likes to say that I'm the spitting image of Mummy. *Hee*

And since it was lunch-time when Auntie Von Von & family came, we adjourned to Swensens at Parkway Parade where we had another yummilicious lunch and naturally, rounding it off with ice-cream!
Regine Mei Mei, who's 5 days older than our Didi, sleeping sweetly

Rachel Jie Jie, who's 2 days older than us.

Mei Mei and I doing our fave pose - Apple Face!