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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ben & Jerry's Chunk Fest

Being a huge Ben & Jerry ice-cream fan, ever since Mummy read about B&J's upcoming Chunk Fest in the papers a few weeks back, she had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this big day with bated breath. Apparently, at this B&J event, there would be 12 new flavours introduced from the States. In fact, she had even toyed with the idea of forming a team of four to take part in the B&J ice-cream eating contest with Auntie Lena, Auntie Von and Daddy. Yup, you've said it, she's a real fanatic when it comes to B&J ice-cream. But considering that she still has much to shed after giving birth to Didi, she had to perish the thought, albeit with much reluctance.

So, with the big day finally here, we made our way down to Fort Canning Park, hoping to have some yummilicious ice-cream treats. But boy oh boy, what a huge jam at the car park, with nary a lot in sight! In the end, Daddy parked our car some distance away, and our entire lorong had to trudge up several flights of steps, through wet and slippery dirt tracks before finally reaching the 'hallowed grounds'.

But alas, what greeted us were lots of big Gors Gors and Jies Jies (teenagers) in funny dos, a smoke-filled atmosphere (almost all present were lighting up) and deafening rock music from the concert which frightened Didi a little, hardly the family carnival atmosphere which Mummy had envisioned for weeks. As for the ice-cream, let's not even go there. Probably cos' it was FOC, the queue for it stretched for almost an eternity, with easily a few hundred people ahead of us. Faced with such daunting prospects, Daddy & Mummy decided to head back to the car. How disappointing!

And since we didn't get to have our ice-cream fix, yet to end off the night on a high note, Daddy & Mummy took us to MacDonald's at Kallang for some milkshakes and McFlurys. Reliable comfort food which tasted just as good, we like!!

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