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Monday, December 22, 2008

Mummy's Say - Little Girls are Made of Sugar & Spice & All Things Nice

How time flies! The twins are fast approaching 2 years of age, or what is more popularly known as the 'terrible twos'. They have been picking up verbal skills and enhancing their motor skills rapidly. While Den Den has always been the one with stronger motor skills (he's able to slot in batteries and operate toys, fixing little kinks in the toys he plays with, etc.), Mei Mei is undoubtedly the one who's linguistically, more advanced. Sometimes, the words that she picks up, and the logical thought-process behind which she strings a sentence, surprise me. Below are excerpts of what she's said in recent incidents, and which still amaze me:

(This took place while I was bathing Shannen, after picking the twins up from school. )
Yours Truly: Shaen, Mummy is sad. Gor Gor didn't hold Mummy's hand just now while crossing the road
(Jayden didn't want to hold my hands, preferring to hold my dad's, on our way back from school). *cue sad expression, act of crying with moving fists near eyes*
Shannen: Mei Mei hold Mummy's hand *took my hand in hers* Gor Gor no good, no good. Mei Mei good *gave the thumbs up sign* Mummy don't cry.
(That was when half my heart sublimed, while the other, simply melted.)

This happened during dinner, while I was feeding Shannen. As usual, she was proving to be a challenge to feed, with the tendency to spit out every mounthful of food. My patience wearing thin, with the cane in hand, I reached out for her hand, intending to give her a little smack to serve as deterrent. That was when she said, 'Mummy, don't beat, don't beat, Mei Mei good *gave the thumbs up sign with both hands* Mei Mei eat.' Feeling sorry for being harsh, I put away the cane, and Shannen never spat out her food again, at least not during the rest of her dinner that night.

(Another one went something like this:)
Yours Truly: Shannen, are you a good girl?
Shannen: Yes, Mei Mei good.
Yours Truly: What about Gor Gor?
Shannen: No good, no good.
Yours Truly: What about Daddy & Mummy?
Shannen: Daddy good. Mummy good.
Yours Truly: Didi?
Shannen: Cannot walk yet.
Yours Truly: !!!

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