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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mummy's Say - Twilight ROXX! Edward Cullen's HOT!

For the uninitiated, this must be the hottest teen movie to hit town in a while. Although Yours Truly is no spring chicken *hurhur*, lured by the hype surrounding this vampire-romance movie (or rather, the quadrilogy of books from Stephanie Meyer - Twilight, followed by New Moon, Eclipse and rounding off with Breaking Dawn), I made a date with Dear Hubby (who's clearing his leave) to catch this today.

Frankly speaking, I wasn't expecting great acting from the relatively young cast, considering its target 'tween-age' audience, and the rabid hysteria arising from the cult status generated by the series. But I must say that the two leads (Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson) enjoy pretty good chemistry, so much so that I was (and still is) swept away by the forbidden vampire-mortal romance. Edward Cullen...OMG! I just so dig that character (not Robert Pattinson, but the character depicted in the books). Such chivalry, such yearning, such devotion....Sigh! And oh, I simply love that vampire baseball scene, against the beautiful backdrop with MTV-style music playing in the background. It's literally Cool, with a capital 'C'!

I could go on and on about this movie, but 'nuff said. Just go catch it to relive those heady days of first love! :)


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