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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mummy's Say - Rest in Peace, Shin Na....

I have been following Shin's Cancer Blog eversince I chanced upon this Channel 8 programme, 'In the Face of Death', sometime last year.

Shin was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer in December 2005. She spent 2006 getting surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. In August 2007, her cancer came back. In February 2008, she learned the cancer had spread to her brain, liver, lungs, and bones.

Shin had fought the good fight, finally succumbing to her illness yesterday afternoon. Through her blog, she had touched many lives, mine included, with her immense love for her family (daughter Josie, son Toby and husband Tony) and the courage she showed in the face of the terrible disease which not only ravaged her body but her family life. However, she never once complained, berating her fate. On the contrary, she remained upbeat about life, never wasting a single moment of her remaining days, but doing what she loved best i.e. loving her family.

Rest in peace, Shin. Though I never had the good fortune to have known you personally, with your passing, I feel as if I've lost a dear old friend. I will miss your wicked sense of humour, your keen observations of life, your optimism....You know, how it's been said that God does things for a reason (don't worry, Shin, I'm not proselytizing. We all know your stance on that one)? Well, I know for sure, you have touched many people through what you've done with your life, and definitely through your blog, cos' I've most certainly been, and am appreciating what I have, i.e. my hubby and kids, even more. Thank you for sharing so much about you and yours and teaching us to be thankful for small mercies. Josie and Toby must be so proud to have you as their Mom, and Tony, his wife.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Officially unveiled on 1 November 2008, the iconic Marina Barrage, the realization of a vision twenty years ago, looks set to boost Singapore's water supply, alleviate flooding in low-lying cit areas and become a hot spot for recreational activities. A dam built across the 350-metre wide mouth of the Marina Channel, the Marina Barrage creates Singapore’s 15th reservoir, and the first in the heart of the city.

While we may still be too young to understand what all that means, and the impact it will bring to our generation and beyond, there's one thing we sure do know - we now have one more big 'playground' to play in! Yippeee!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mummy's Say - The Twins are TWO!

It seems like only yesterday that the munchkins were celebrating their 1st birthday and now, they're officially headed for their terrible twos! How time flies...and I'm already missing them and all their milestones - when we first laid eyes on them (what marvellous creations of God!), their first flip, when they started crawling, cruising, and subsequently, learning how to walk....The babes, they just grow up too fast...which makes it all the more crucial for us to cherish, relish and remember every single moment we have with them. It's times like these that hit me and make me truly realise how much I love my kids.

Celebrating their birthday in advance (30 Dec) @ their school

Jayden's fave character - Thomas the Tank Engine

Shannen's fave character - Hello Kitty
Aptly decorated cake (Little Twin Stars) on the actual day (1 Jan)

May all our wishes come true all year through