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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mummy's Say - The Twins are TWO!

It seems like only yesterday that the munchkins were celebrating their 1st birthday and now, they're officially headed for their terrible twos! How time flies...and I'm already missing them and all their milestones - when we first laid eyes on them (what marvellous creations of God!), their first flip, when they started crawling, cruising, and subsequently, learning how to walk....The babes, they just grow up too fast...which makes it all the more crucial for us to cherish, relish and remember every single moment we have with them. It's times like these that hit me and make me truly realise how much I love my kids.

Celebrating their birthday in advance (30 Dec) @ their school

Jayden's fave character - Thomas the Tank Engine

Shannen's fave character - Hello Kitty
Aptly decorated cake (Little Twin Stars) on the actual day (1 Jan)

May all our wishes come true all year through

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Mummy,

your twins are so cute. Can I ask where did you order the Hello Kitty/ Little Twin Stars Cake? Is the cake nice?